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Our Roles in Serving Utah County

The Office of the Utah County Attorney acts in two primary roles—civil advisor and criminal justice. The Utah County Attorney’s office is the advisor to every other elected official in county government and to every Board and Commission in Utah County government.

Divisions in the Utah County Attorney's Office

This division led by elected County Attorney, Jeffrey S. Gray, is responsible for management of the office, including financial and administrative needs. The County Attorney, is responsible for management of the Civil, Criminal, and Investigations divisions. All support staff is directed through the Administration to these teams.


The Civil Division, led by the County Attorney, is the advising counsel for all other elected officials and divisions in Utah County Government. Every Board and Commission in Utah County receive legal support and advice from our Civil Department.


As directed by the County Attorney, the Criminal division screens, reviews, and prosecutes all Felony related crimes in Utah County. The division act in an advisory capacity to law enforcement throughout Utah County.


The Bureau of Investigation team, at the direction of the County Attorney, investigates financial crime, political corruption, a police officer-involved shooting, and other white collar crimes.

Community Services

The Community Services team, at the direction of the County Attorney, administrates the Pre-trial Diversion program. It is an alternative divert certain offendors from traditional court processing into an alternate program designed to create accountability and course corrections without jail time.

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