If you would like copies of records possessed by the County Attorney's Office you must submit a written GRAMA request (“GRAMA” stands for the Government Records Access and Management Act). Forms can be obtained here or at the County Attorney's Office and must be submitted to the County Attorney's Office by mail, email or fax:

Contact Info

MailUtah County Attorney's Office
Attn: GRAMA Officer
100 East Center Street
Suite 2100
Provo, Utah 84606

How to Submit

Requests must be accompanied by a copy of your photo identification.

You may also use the State of Utah Open Records Portal to request Utah County records.

Anyone can submit a GRAMA request and the County GRAMA officer responds to all requests. The County GRAMA officer determines if records are public, private or protected.

There will be a fee if the GRAMA officer grants the request and it is for more than a few pages.

Juvenile court case files are protected and are generally not released. However, parents of juveniles accused or convicted of an offense may request a copy of the incident report which will most often be released after personal information is redacted.

Adult criminal case files are private records and only released to the individuals authorized by statute. Most often some of the information in these files will be released to victims or witnesses after personal information is redacted.


As authorized by GRAMA, Utah Code § 63-2-203, a governmental entity may charge a reasonable fee to cover the governmental entity's actual cost of duplicating a record:

Standard size, non-color white copies$0.25 per page
Standard size, color copies$0.50 per page
11 x 17 copies$0.50 per page
Other sized copiesActual Cost
USBs and Associated Services
Data or media storage device$15 (up to 16 Gb)
Other media/suppliesActual Cost
Mailing and Shipping Costs
Staff mail preparation time$2.00 (plus actual mailing cost if greater than $2.00)
Certifying a Document
Certification of a document$2.00 per certification
Other Services
Other servicesActual cost

Staff Time

(includes time required to search, compile and otherwise prepare to provide a record)

Actual cost, not to exceed salary of lowest paid employee who, in the discretion of the records custodian, has the necessary skill and training to perform the request under Utah Code § 63-2-203(2)(b).

Staff time is calculated hourly when preparing and distributing digital documents. This includes the staff time necessary to search and retrieve, review, classify and redact documents.

Staff time for photocopying, faxing and creating the USB Drive is included in the fee for those items.