Officer Involved Critical Incident

All completed officer involved shooting review letters can be found in the Media section of this website.

Use of Force Investigations Pending Decision (After 180 Days)

Utah Code § 76-2-408(6) states, “Once a criminal investigation is turned over from law enforcement, the county or district attorney's findings or analyses into an officer's use of force shall be completed within 180 days of the turnover. If the findings or analyses is not published within 180 days of the turnover, the county or district attorney shall post a public statement on the county or district attorney's website stating a reasonable estimate when the findings or analyses will be complete and the reason for the delay.”

The following use of force investigations were presented to the DA’s Office more than 180 days ago and remain under review:

The Utah County Attorney’s Office carefully reviews and considers the evidence in each use of force case before rendering a screening decision. In doing so, our office completes a thorough review of the evidence presented by the protocol team (e.g., police reports and logs, scene documentation, witness statements and interviews, audio and video recordings, including body-worn camera recordings, etc.). If needed, the Utah County Attorney’s Office conducts additional investigation and may request additional evidence from the protocol team. In each case, the Utah County Attorney’s Office must determine, based upon the legally admissible evidence, whether there is justification for an officer’s use of force.

The above-listed cases have required additional review to ensure that the facts and issues are carefully analyzed in light of applicable laws, as well as the current practices, policies, and standards for the use of deadly force. We anticipate that the findings in these matters will be completed within 180 days of being posted on this website.