Criminal Division

The Division

The Criminal Division is responsible for the prosecution or adjudication of crimes that occur in Utah County. The Criminal Division consists of the Chief Deputy and five trial teams. The Chief Deputy oversees the operations and personnel of the Criminal Division and reports to the County Attorney.

Trial teams prosecute criminal cases in the Utah County Justice Court, in the district and appellate courts, and prosecute criminal or delinquency matters in the juvenile courts. Trial teams also act as liaisons and provide advice on criminal matters to Utah County law enforcement agencies.

A trial team consists of a Supervising Attorney (the Chief Deputy also manages one trial team), prosecutors, legal assistants and may include a paralegal and victim/witness coordinator(s). Supervising Attorneys oversee the operations and personnel of a trial team and report to the Chief Deputy.

Our Responsibilities

  • Prosecute all felony level crimes that occur in Utah County.
  • Prosecute all misdemeanor crimes that occur within Utah County but outside the boundaries of any incorporated city.
  • Prosecute all juvenile crimes that occur in Utah County, except minor traffic offenses.
  • Provide victim assistance services for cases prosecuted by our office.
  • Advise and assist all Utah County police agencies in their criminal investigations.
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Our Responsibilities

Each criminal defendant is different. The facts of each criminal case are different. Because of those variables in facts and circumstances, each case deserves to be decided on its own merits. Confining cases to strict matrixes, policies or even the larger issues should inform, but not define the cases involving our County Attorney’s office.

Using wisdom and good judgment assure that the rights of all are safeguarded and that each case remains independent of outside influences and forces.

The charging authority rests in the hands of the elected County Attorney. We bring consistency and accountability to charging crimes, while realizing that we affect thousands of lives each year when felony charges are filed.

The Deputy County Attorneys who prosecute cases have a strong voice in how every case is handled. They are charged to find tough and compassionate solutions. They are charged to find the right solution to every criminal case. They have the tools and the authority to meet this standard.

As public servants, we understand that we serve the county and have an important responsibility to serve the process of justice for all parties involved. As such, the office commits to responding in a timely manner to information requests and upholding high ethical standards.

Utah County Attorney - Criminal Division

Division Chief - Chad Grunander

Tough. Compassion. The Standard.

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