The County Attorney's Office is led by the elected County Attorney. The County Attorney has a Chief Deputy that acts as the County Attorney in the elected County Attorney's absence. The office is organized into five divisions: Administration, Criminal, Civil, Community Services and the Bureau of Investigations.


The Administration Division is responsible for the management of the office, including internal oversight of all division financial budgets, payroll, travel, and purchasing. It is also responsible to prepare and present budget numbers to the County Commission for approval and manage all costs for trial and litigation. This division is led by the elected County Attorney.


The Criminal Division is responsible for the prosecution or adjudication of crimes that occur in Utah County. The Criminal Division consists of the Division Chief and ten trial teams. The Chief Deputy oversees the operations and personnel of the Criminal Division and reports to the County Attorney.

The Screening Division of the Utah County Attorney's Office screens all cases to determine if and what charges are to be filed. Upon review of facts and reports of the investigating agencies., a team of attorneys discusses and makes recommendations to the group on proceeding with case resolutions. The Division Chief leads the team of screening attorneys.

The Community Services Division of the Utah County Attorney's Office administrates Juvenile and Justice Courts, volunteers, and the pre-filing diversion program that allows non-violent first time offenders an opportunity to take corrective measures and complete a contracted agreement in lieu of filing charges.

The Civil Division of the Utah County Attorney's Office acts as the legal Advisor to Utah County. The Division Chief leads the team of lawyers that provides legal counsel and advice to the County Commission, other elected county officials, and the various county departments. They also advise all Boards and Commissions on policy.

The Bureau of Investigations financial crime, political corruption, a police officer- involved shooting, and other white collar crimes under the purview of the County Attorney. The Bureau Chief heads the division comprised of four sworn investigator-sergeants, a paralegal, and a legal assistant. The Bureau Chief reports directly to the County Attorney.